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Since 2017, Acqua Caffe has been asserting itself in the Portuguese market for its innovation and consistency in everything it does, from customer service to delivery of the final product.

It started its journey in Almada, more specifically in Costa da Caparica with the name A&A Lounge Bar and now migrates to other lands Algarve - Quarteira. It was for taste, passion and experience of more than 20 years in the sector that Ângelo created this brand. The brand arose from the desire to see something new that adds value to Portuguese cuisine and that caters to the majority of foreigners in Portugal.

The visual identity started with a new logo - Acqua Caffe and all the complements to it (menus, prices, mugs, billboards, etc) with continuity on social media, which we manage in full, with design, copywriting, photography and video.

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  • December 2022 - Present
Visual identity
Visual identity
Visual identity
Come taste, come relax, in a typically Portuguese environment adapted to foreign reality.

Passionate about gastronomy, our team investigates which are the best flavors while maintaining their characteristic freshness, using products from the region and the season, to produce unforgettable dishes. Surprise yourself!

Acqua Caffe
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