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Digital Marketing is present in our daily lives and sometimes we don’t even realize it. Every day we scroll through social media, read emails or search on Google and, in all these channels, we come across an advertisement or content from a brand that tries to communicate with us.

All this is called Digital Marketing. The fact that we are constantly connected online has changed the way we relate to brands and acquire something new.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing can be defined as a set of digital strategies and tactics that brands and companies use to achieve their marketing goals. These strategies can be implemented through various online channels and are primarily aimed at acquiring customers, developing a brand presence and connecting with your target audience.

Digital Marketing emerged in the 1990s with the popularization of the Internet, changing the way companies use technology to promote business.

In the Digital 2022, survey, published in partnership between We Are Social and Hootsuite, it is possible to see that in the world almost 5 billion people already use the internet, a growth of 4% compared to the previous year, while 4.62 billion have social media accounts, which represents an increase of 10%.

This shows that digital does not stop advancing, so to stay out of this trend is to lag behind the competition.

Therefore, Digital Marketing is a huge opportunity for companies to reinforce their brand and multiply their business opportunities.

Creative Agency, Luanda, Lisboa, Desenvolvemos Websites, E-commerce, Social Media and Brand Strategy, visual identity

Image: Global Digital Overview January 2022 DataReportal

Key Benefits of Digital Marketing

If the internet has transformed people’s daily lives, what about businesses and companies? It is necessary to keep up with changes in consumer habits and, for this, brands have had to adopt new tools, new content, channels and even formats. Therefore, more and more businesses are taking advantage of the benefits of Marketing Digital. 

Small and medium-sized companies are the ones that best notice the advantages of digital strategies, which allow them to compete with big brands.

Now that we’ve explained what digital marketing is, the questions remain: What are the benefits of it for my brand or business?

Below are some benefits that apply mainly to small businesses.

·         Publicize your business – serves primarily to publicize your business. Website, blog, social networks, emails and other digital channels serve to place your brand in the world and present it to potential customers.

·         Reach a wider audience – You can advertise your business and at the same time reach more people than you would just offline. On the internet, there are no barriers, you can attract potential customers from anywhere in the world.

·         Interact with the public – one of the great powers of Digital Marketing is interactivity. On the internet, consumers are not just passive – they also comment, participate and talk, bringing you closer to your target audience and increasing your brand engagement.

·         Target advertising – one of the most valuable features that Digital Marketing offers is the ability to segment the target audience in advertising. Thus, it is possible to direct digital ads only to the audience we want to reach.


·         Measuring results – another valuable power is the ability to measure results. Through data collection by marketing tools, it is possible to create reports and analyze strategies in terms of conversions, reach, engagement, among others.

Digital Marketing Strategies

Creative Agency, Luanda, Lisboa, Desenvolvemos Websites, E-commerce, Social Media and Brand Strategy, visual identity

We’ve already talked about the benefits, but where to start?

It’s necessary to outline a strategy. Like everything else in life, without a strategy we cannot measure the results and, above all, the return on investment. And, here we are not only talking about financial investment, but also about time investment.

When starting a Digital Marketing strategy, it is necessary to know the opportunities that digital offers, keeping in mind the areas that must be worked on.

Within digital marketing itself there are several strategies.

  • Inbound Marketing – when creating an inbound strategy, your goal is to be found by people. In Inbound Marketing, companies seek to understand the needs of consumers, in order to be able to establish a connection with these people in order to offer a solution to their desires.
  • Content Marketing – aims to position your brand in the right place and time of the purchase journey, in order to offer the best solutions. We can therefore say that Content Marketing is the process of publishing relevant materials and information in order to attract and convert an audience.
  • Blog – the blog is an exclusive channel of direct communication between a brand and its public. Blogs are also an excellent way of optimizing content to improve your business rankings in search engines like Google. This improves the visibility of your business and increases your ability to attract the right people.
  • Institutional Website – creating an institutional website for your company increases the credibility of your business, and is also a great channel where people can find your business. It is also essential that your Marketing actions direct people to a channel where they can purchase your products or services.
  • Email Marketing – Email marketing is the process of sending messages for commercial purposes to a group of contacts. It can be used for various purposes such as sales, customer communication or brand strengthening.

Social Media Marketing

Creative Agency, Luanda, Lisboa, Desenvolvemos Websites, E-commerce, Social Media and Brand Strategy, visual identity

Social Media have brought new formats for companies to relate to their audience. To use social media to your advantage, you need to understand which social media your target audience uses most.

The most used social networks in the world are:

  • Facebook – 2.95 billion
  • Youtube – 2.51 billion
  • Whatsapp – 2 billion
  • Instagram – 2 billion
  • WeChat – 1.3 billion
  • TikTok – 1 billion
  • Facebook Messenger – 931 million
  • Douyin – 715 million
  • Telegram – 700 million
  • Snapchat – 635 million

In our daily lives, we use social media to communicate with friends, family or to pass the time, a company can take advantage of networks to interact with its audience, strengthen brand positioning, sell and ensure customer satisfaction.

Take the opportunity to take a look at our Instagram: UNMA.

Digital Marketing Tools

Creative Agency, Luanda, Lisboa, Desenvolvemos Websites, E-commerce, Social Media and Brand Strategy, visual identity

It is already clear that Digital Marketing opens up a range of opportunities for brands and businesses, and it is necessary to implement the right strategies!

In order to implement these strategies and achieve success in their execution, it is essential to know what are (and use) the Digital Marketing tools that help the manager and even the internal marketing team.

  • SEO Tools – set of optimization techniques for websites, blogs and web pages in order to improve organic positioning in search engines such as Google. Some of these tools that help with SEO are SEMrush, Yoast SEO and Screaming Frog.
  • Analysis tools – are essential for understanding the success of the strategy and the results obtained. We can carry out this analysis through Google Analytics, for example.
  • Design Tools – Design is fundamental in a digital marketing strategy, as visual content is increasingly a trend for online communication. Canva or Photoshop are great allies for editing and creating images and Adobe Premiere for editing videos.
  • Email Marketing Tools – Email Marketing is one of the key elements of any successful digital strategy. For that, Mailchimp or GetResponse can help.

Without forgetting that in life there is also a bad side, so in digital marketing there are also disadvantages.

What are the disadvantages of not investing in Digital Marketing?

Creative Agency, Luanda, Lisboa, Desenvolvemos Websites, E-commerce, Social Media and Brand Strategy, visual identity

Currently, the digital medium is mainly responsible for a large part of commercial relationships, mainly for the first contact of the potential customer with the product or service. Digital helps businesses interact with their audience, creating lasting connections with them:

  • Business stagnation;
  • Not being seen – not having a presence on digital implies that the entrepreneur and the brand will not be seen, this means that consumers will not discover their product or service;
  • Difficulty in retaining customers – not being present on digital, businesses miss a great opportunity to create a good bond with their customers, contributing to greater difficulty in retaining their audience.

Do you intend to start a Digital Marketing strategy for your company and want the guarantee there isn’t any mistakes that could harm your investment or even your brand? We will be happy to help  you achieve the desired goals for your brand.

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