Fenty Beauty: Como Aproveitar uma falha de Mercado a Favor da Sua Marca, Agência de Marketing e Publicidade
Fenty Beauty: How to Take Advantage of a Market Failure to Your Brand’s Advantage

In the rapidly evolving beauty industry, few brands have achieved as significant and revolutionary an impact as Fenty Beauty. Founded by Rihanna in 2017, the brand has not only launched an impressive line of makeup products, but also sparked a revolution in the concept of inclusion and diversity in the beauty market. This article will explore Fenty Beauty’s journey and how the brand was able to turn a market failure into a strength, becoming an industry icon.

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Don’t Be the Best, Be Your Audience’s Favorite

In the competitive and lively business environment, many brands put in all their efforts to achieve the status of being the “best”. It is a legitimate aspiration and a source of motivation for many businesses to pursue excellence, innovation, and leadership. However, there is an alternative approach that deserves to be highlighted – the quest to be the audience’s preferred brand. This approach goes beyond winning awards or recognition, focusing on building connections and representations with consumers. In this article, we explore why being the audience’s favorite brand is, in fact, more valuable than simply being considered the best in the industry.

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