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Petit Palais Angola is a 100% Angolan brand created in 2012 with the aim of bringing unique and irreverent pieces of premium quality to the market for a more demanding audience.

For brand visibility on social media and other platforms, we have developed a communication strategy with design services, copywriting and promotional campaigns. The e-commerce, designed in line with the brand's identity, includes scheduling functionality for service as well as the possibility of requesting quotes for events.

  • Petit Palais Angola
  • Children’s Clothing, Childcare and Home Decor
  • Strategic Branding
  • November 2020 - Present
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Projects become exclusive as the experienced and attentive team at Petit Palais is dedicated, listens, advises and involves each client in a creative process that begins with the rediscovery of the traditional, contact and knowledge of materials

- Tatiana de Matos / CEO

Petit Palais combines classic with modernity to provide comfort, quality and refinement in fashion and decoration for babies, children and home decoration.

Petit Palais Angola
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