Grupo Saga & Filhos, Lda

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Grupo Saga & Filhos is a family brand that owns a wide variety of products and services. Headquartered in Angola, in the Uíge region.

It’s a producer and exporter of wood, coffee and organic products. They are distinguished by the quality of the wood and agriculture. It has already managed to deliver a medical center to the community where it operates.

The mission of the Saga & Filhos group is to be able to value the region where it operates, highlighting the products that come from there and all its culture. In the process, they guide their conduct by the values of respect for the environment and balance between humankind and nature.

It was this entire geographical, cultural, family and productive context that we wanted to represent in the new visual identity of the Grupo Saga & Filhos brand that will be presented at the next FILDA Angola.

  • Grupo Saga & Filhos, Lda
  • Wood / Agriculture / Coffee
  • Branding
  • April 2023 – Present
visual identity
A brand that stands out for its simplicity and values.

We mixed old-fashioned creative stories with the best that today's technology has to offer.

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