Sugar Coat

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At SugarCoat, your mission is to elevate the simple pleasure of donuts into an extraordinary culinary experience.

We're dedicated to crafting gourmet donuts that not only delight the palate but also awaken the imagination with every bite.

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  • Naming Brand Strategy
  • October 2023
Naming Brand
Naming Brand
Naming Brand
Welcome to the world of reinvented donuts! Introducing: Sugar Coat!

Challenges are opportunities and, when Sugar Coat challenged us to come up with a name that reflected their unique donuts and sparked desire, we knew we had a sweet task at hand. The outcome? Sugar Coat!

Creating an irresistible visual identity! Now we take you behind the scenes of the strategic development of Sugar Coat's visual identity. Every material created is a careful representation of our commitment to sweetness and innovation. From the logo to the packaging, every detail has been meticulously planned to tell the brand's story and establish a genuine connection with our donut lovers. Sweetness is infused in every pixel!

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