How to sell more in special seasons and get the most out of it? This is the wish of any brand and business, but for that it is necessary to boost sales and take advantage of the full potential of seasonal marketing.

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, are some dates that represent great sales opportunities. These seasonality periods can make all the difference in your business and for the brand.

Have you noticed the number of advertisements that are shown on TV, radio and online during the Christmas season?

Well, these are times when everyone wants to buy and all businesses want to sell and grow.

The strategy for these sales is to announce the campaigns in advance to create the desire to buy that product or service and be able to offer it on the right date, Christmas for example.


But what is seasonal marketing anyway?

Seasonal marketing takes advantage of special dates to boost sales and keep the marketing and commercial areas busy.

When well used, the strategy can be adapted at different times of the year. In other words, seasonal campaigns allow sales to increase at certain times of the year. But how can you take advantage of these dates or times of the year?

Start by selecting the most relevant special dates for your brand and business

Christmas is the key season for any business, and it is on that date that most sectors act strategically to increase sales, with the aim of creating stability for the whole year.

Since Christmas is a very busy time, you should also focus on scheduling other dates aimed at your segment.

Like this? By selecting the most relevant dates for your brand, you should put together a strategy to sell more at those times. A small example to understand what we are talking about: you have a store of clothes and utensils for babies, so your target audience is young mothers from 20 to 36 years old. For this niche of customers, in addition to Christmas, other important dates are: Children’s Day, Halloween, Easter, Grandparents’ Day and Carnival. Right? Therefore, on these dates, the tendency is to buy more, to be able to offer them to the little ones.

And how does seasonal marketing come into play? Start by putting together a well-defined strategy for these dates, in which you have to be prepared to mitigate market gaps and address customer pain points.

Present a good message in each seasonal marketing campaign

It was the time when it was enough to present a good product to retain customers. Today, in addition to being careful to offer a quality product, you need to understand how the customer’s purchase path works, by analyzing their behavior and emotions.

You can start by inviting them to fill out a customer form and take the opportunity to present the offer of the week and its benefits.

Make the message you convey show concern for what the customer needs and lead them to the product indicated for their need. This sends a message of concern.

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Communicate your campaign in advance

In order for customers to know that you are going to run a campaign on a specific date, you need to communicate this in advance.

For special dates, or product launches, the ideal is to communicate at least one month in advance.

Always remember the Christmas season, physical stores already present Christmas decorations a month in advance.

Use all the dissemination tools that are at your fingertips, social media, email marketing or even landing pages.

Regardless of the strategy you implement, create campaigns that invite users to go to your website, always highlighting the benefits of the products and the discounts or offers they will have access to, which, in turn, must be available as soon as you start promoting them, since the customer may be tempted to buy in advance before the special date.

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Choose partnerships

Another strategy that you can adopt to have more reach and efficiency in publicizing your campaign is partnerships.

Choose partners who have the same goals, visions and similar missions as your brand. Take influencers as an example, in addition to having a loyal audience, they are already used to a certain type of communication. In this way, you increase the chances of turning followers into your customers as well. Always keep in mind the choice of influencer, it should be a character that identifies with your type of business and brand.

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Finally, make the most of social media

Social media are already part of many people’s lives. And most of these people absorb content in the form of videos, images and texts. That said, take advantage of it to interact with the public, present the benefits of your product or service and launch seasonal campaigns.

There are opportunities for everyone in seasonal marketing, so don’t waste any more time: start investing in this consumption strategy with the help of your social networks and never stop selling.

Finally, follow what your main competitors are doing. Visit their stores, especially in the periods before special dates. Get ideas for promotions, marketing and anything you find interesting.

Sign up for your competitors’ newsletters and follow their social media too. But, don’t expect expressive results in the first campaigns: the important thing is to understand to implement. Little by little, you will define strategies that work.

So, do you already know how to take advantage of special dates with seasonal marketing? Leave your comment, how this article was useful for your brand.

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