Digital marketing offers several strategies to help businesses and brands stand out in the market. The integration and combination of some strategies ensures brand awareness and the reach of more customers, thus increasing the profit for the business.

Content, content, content is the king of this business age, why?

Due to low investment and financial return. That is, content strategy is an opportunity for small and medium-sized companies to stand out, transforming the reality of the brand.

The question remains in the air, what is content strategy?

Content strategy is the offer of information to your segment. The possibility of educating your audience by clarifying what each product or service can do for them. Offer a solution to help your customer overcome their pain, adding value to your brand.

This strategy is focused on finding a solution to the problems of the persona that you have defined for your business, enabling your potential client to receive relevant information exactly when they need it.

Unlike traditional marketing, which interferes with the customer experience, content marketing is objective, attracting more consumers organically.

Thus, you will be able to educate your potential client and they will only look for you when they feel confident that they understood what they offer and are experts on what they do. The return of this is the increase of your positioning in search engines (ex. Google).

What benefits can the content strategy bring to your brand?

The content strategy returns several benefits to brands, even before the start of the sale, and throughout the relationship with customers.

If the content is well crafted and offers added value to the consumer, it is possible to create a differentiated relationship by increasing the company’s results in an organic way (without the need to spend financial amounts to reach customers).

Improve your brand’s position on search engines

Among the relevant factors of the content strategy is the possibility of improving the positioning of your brand in search engines.


The user, when searching for a specific word, finds several sites that present information about the searched content. If your brand offers good content, and that is enlightening, it is possible that Google will position it in the main results, capturing new clicks and possibly converting into sales.

Expands brand visibility

A good positioning of the brand in the search engines, returns more clicks and more users will be able to see what the brand offers and will contact you to find out more about its services or products (goes by following its social networks, or even by subscribing to your newsletter. In order to get more information about what your brand offers), this means that what you are offering is beneficial to them.

With this, it increases business opportunities and the possibility of further expanding its customer portfolio.

Teach your target audience

Good content can educate the target audience, making them more and more prepared for the moment of purchase. Your potential customer will have an idea of what they are going to buy and how to use it to their advantage.

In this sense, it is advisable to offer educational content so that the user can identify his pain in detail or what is the solution (product or service offered) to solve this problem.

In this way, users will arrive prepared for the purchase, which avoids objections – they will be decided to buy.

Reference in the market

Quality content and well positioned in search engines, makes your brand a reference.

This happens because your customers and other professionals have been able to see how beneficial your brand is as a source of information, transforming the way it is understood.

Create a relationship of trust

By becoming a reference in the market and an excellent source of information, it is easier to create a relationship of trust with your customers and prospects. Why?

A good content and communication strategy conveys to the customer that you understand what you are offering and that the brand is an expert on the matter. It’s not just about selling, but clarifying and following up with the customer, including after-sales, creating the possibility of building even more customer loyalty with complementary content that improves their satisfaction.

What does it take to create a content strategy?

Before you start producing articles for your blog or social media, review the tips below to ensure targeted and accurate production.

Create Personas

The creation of the persona is fundamental in a content strategy.

What is persona? It’s the avatar you’ll create for your brand, as an example of the type of customer you want to have as a loyal customer of your business.

One site that helps you create personas is HubSpot and it’s free.

In a first phase, it is necessary to design the ideal public for your business, creating personas with specific characteristics, which allow you to understand the consumption habits and the main purchase objections of these people.

To do this accurately, analyze a sample of people who might be potential customers and identify which profiles are most common. Collect information such as: preferences, needs, main difficulties, categories of objections and how your company can help them to solve their problems.

Analyze the customer journey

Analyzing and understanding the customer’s purchase path is important to be able to create action plans and guide your customer from the moment of discovery to the moment of purchase.

  • Discovery and research: the first phase is the one in which the user discovers that they have a problem and/or need that needs to be solved and they search for a solution;
  • Analysis and decision: the user analyzes all the information they find and which brands have the solution for their needs. The choice is to visualize the first results presented in the search engines and who is the specialist in the matter;
  • Purchase: The moment of purchase has arrived, when the customer can still present some objections and your team must be prepared to overcome them with confidence. Conveying confidence to the customer is the essential basis for the sale

Decide what keywords to use

Search for keywords that your persona will search for at the time of pain. In this research, you will find out which are the terms most used by your audience and which of these words is ideal to gain good positions and more clicks.

Content Types

When deciding what to choose for content in your strategy, you should also define what type of content you will produce.

For a good positioning blog articles are fundamental. With these blogs, it is also possible to produce valuable content, which will work as trading to win leads.

Promote the content

Promoting content is key to increasing reach and engagement. Disclosure can occur through social networks, newsletters or even paid ads from Facebook Ads.

The ideal is to know which channels your customers are on and ensure that your content is being disseminated on these platforms.

Content optimization

Optimized content increases the possibility of your brand being a reference in the market on that topic. But, for that it is necessary to analyze what are the contents that are being researched and how often.

Analyze the articles that are in the first positions and discover ways to present the same theme with elevating content.

Another strategy is link building, which is placing relevant links from other brands in your article, these links should be in the same segment as your brand or at least should address the same topic that your article talks about. This helps Google to further identify the relevance of your page (note: don’t forget to ask permission from the owner of the site to place your link in your article), due to the notoriety that these brands have and for being present on your site.

Analyze the result of your article

Analyzing the result is fundamental, to see the impact that the content is having with the public. With Google Analytics, you can identify which pages are most accessed on your website, which keywords found those pages and the number of hits, this is a free tool that only brings benefits.

Estratégia de conteúdo para ganhar notoriedade

What content can you develop?

Simple content is usually more viewed and goes viral due to its simplicity and ease of understanding.

But there are rich contents that require more commitment and effort from the team that produces it. In these contents, try to get the most benefit, create a landing page to capture information (contacts of potential customers) — such as name, email, phone, city — in exchange for the content.


Also considered as valuable content, in which a landing page is used with the exchange of information for the content. In this strategy, start by generating leads, which could turn into business opportunities in the future.


Webinars are content in video format, such as lectures or video lessons. Also use this option to exchange data, acquiring relevant information about your possible client with the offer to participate in the webinar.

If you found the content presented here beneficial and if you apply what was explained in the previous topics, it is possible to create an efficient content plan so that your brand starts to conquer space in the digital market.

Content strategy is an excellent way to educate and reach your target audience, increase your brand’s relevance and positioning and ensure advantageous positions in search engines.

These results help to increase the brand’s visibility, as well as its positioning in search engines, positively influencing the profit and success of your business and brand.

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