O que é Inbound Marketing e como pode ele ajudar a sua marca e negócio

When we talk about digital presence, it is important to mention that it is not just about being present in the memory of current customers, but about being found in the online market.

Thus arises the concept of Inbound Marketing, which involves the use of various attraction strategies using relevant content.

In this type of strategy, various marketing channels are explored – such as search engine optimization, blogs and social networks.

Now here’s the question – website online and working at 100% how to reach the customer and make the desired sale?

You must be thinking, now is the time to go after the customer, and show that the product is really good. This is where inbound marketing comes in – it’s not about going after the customer, but on the contrary, he should come to you.

And how does it happen? With the use of techniques and tools that create the path to take the customer to you.

In this article we will show you which techniques you should use to have effective inbound marketing.

What is Inbound Marketing?

In the course of recent times, the difference between the real and the virtual is closer, it is almost impossible to live without the digital.

It is for this reason that brands must use the concepts of Inbound Marketing as a method.

This type of marketing is likely to be used in any business, with the use of entertainment/utility content to reinforce the brand. But where does inbound marketing begin?

This concept began in 2009 in the USA with the launch of Brian Halligan’s book entitled “Inbound Marketing: Get Found Using Google, Social Media, and Blogs”.

Since then, more companies from various areas have adhered to this strategy to win customers and increase their sales, reinforcing their positioning with authority.

Inbound Marketing

Many people are still receptive to this idea, because they think it is complicated or that the investment is too high and without return.

Anyone who thinks that way is wrong. Inbound Marketing is an ally for those who start their journey on digital – without much investment.

It is actually an ally for entering the online world and is simple to apply. Below are some steps on how inbound marketing works.

Steps of Inbound Marketing

1. Attract with Inbound Marketing

The technique used here is basic: a site without visits does not generate Leads (potential customers).

Without Leads, there are no sales.

That’s why the first step in Inbound marketing is attracting.

This concept is used because instead of wasting time and money on customer search, invest energy in building a community around your brand. And how do you attract these potential customers? By offering valuable content.

When making this content available, you must use keywords that correspond to the searches carried out within the sector of the brand.

2. Convert with Inbound Marketing

At this stage, the relationship begins, as the previously mentioned leads have already shown interest in what we are offering.

Normally, we respond to some pain points and in return he offers us his information such as email, phone number, barriers he is experiencing and goals.

3. Relate to Inbound Marketing

As in several business stages experienced offline, within a lead base, we have to consider the scenario of the potential customer: he may not be ready to make a purchase.

And, this is where the production of content focused on different problems and stages of purchase comes in, also attracting other Leads.

The relationship stage in Inbound Marketing starts here: through the use of some strategies, we are able to identify the stages in which the leads are, encouraging them to advance in the journey, that is, we accelerate the buying process.

Here are some strategies we can use:

  • Marketing Automation: is nothing more than automating marketing. It can be used on social media accounts, as it allows:
    • Schedule your posts on the networks;
    • Monitor likes, comments, shares, etc.;
    • Monitor the clicks that you attracted by the posts;
    • Identify, integrate and track user interactions across multiple platforms.
  • Email Marketing: great channel for disseminating content and building relationships. You can use emails:
    • Promotional – the objective is to promote a product or service;
    • Newsletter – With different content, it may be with offers targeted at various aspects (information on the availability of content on the blog, or made especially for the lead). You can use the newsletter to make the relationship closer, treating the lead in a special way –only they receive that information firsthand. This same information is not available in any other medium of the company (it may be disclosed later, but the lead received it first hand, even before disclosure to the general public);
    • Nurturing streams – which is sending a sequence of messages that are intended to build or improve your relationship with contacts.

All these lead nurturing techniques are aimed at accelerating the lead’s purchase decision.

4. Delight with Inbound Marketing

According to Inbound marketing, this is the stage of closing the deal, it is the moment of the sale in which a lead has been transformed into a customer.

But this process must be continuous and we cannot forget that customer. He should be treated in a special way, as a brand ambassador. Why?

Because the idea is to treat you as a partner, so you can bring in more customers.

Here we can use all the power of social networks and call-to-action buttons in order to encourage sharing and brand awareness.

Let’s take a practical example. You opened a nail salon and need to reach more customers, what is your first reaction? Search on google how to reach more customers.

The result that will appear are several sites with titles – “What are the best sales strategies to attract more customers “; “What marketing strategies should you use to reach more customers “; “How to Use Inbound Marketing to Reach More Customers “.

Choose the title that most caught your attention, or even several, and start your knowledge reading. Some pages you keep in your browser so that you can consult them when you need to, or even a brand that presented good solutions to your problem, which is to reach more customers, remains in your mind.

This is where a link is created between the brand that made the content available and you. This connection is essential for the Inbound marketing strategy to be effective.

Atrair vendas online


The content answers doubts, questions, clarifying the need of the moment and as a result users communicate more with the page and have reactions.

Over time, this consumer who didn’t even know that brand until then becomes a fan of it, because it resolves their problem and at the moment they needed it most.

This is how Inbound marketing attracts potential customers, with content that solves their problems. Now, what are the benefits of using this strategy in marketing?

What benefits does Inbound marketing

  • Your business and brand gain more visibility;
  • It manages to reach and retain more customers, with less cost;
  • Your brand starts to have an impact on the lives of consumers;
  • Can turn customers into fans;
  • You can optimize your sales process;
  • Your brand becomes memorable thanks to the rich and relevant content you provide.

Is it clear how inbound marketing can help your brand and business?

It is a strategy that is available to everyone at a reduced cost.

It is enough to apply the strategy or strategies correctly, creating facilitating bridges between the customer and your brand, through personalized content that meets the needs of the audience, as well as conveying that the brand is very knowledgeable about what it sells, after all it matters to provide information that others can put into practice.

And, how about starting now to put into practice the tips we cover in this article and give your brand a boost?

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