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The year 2020 proved to be a challenging period across all industries, but amidst the setbacks, numerous opportunities emerged.

Embrace 2021 with a positive outlook and trust that circumstances will favor your business. Maintain an optimistic mindset and invest in the appropriate resources to turn the tide.

As a result of the burdens imposed by the pandemic, numerous businesses shuttered, while others adapted and capitalized on the digital realm. Consumer needs remained constant; only the method of social interaction and addressing those needs changed.

The digital sphere offers endless possibilities for exploration, as long as there are individuals seeking and providing services. By embracing the digital landscape, many businesses thrived in 2020 and will continue to flourish in 2021. However, to sustain growth, it is imperative to implement strategic measures to reach the consumer. This article aims to present a range of strategies that can be implemented in your business, with the assurance that realistic results can be achieved, just like those experienced by others in 2020. As we embark on the new year, it is important to acknowledge that the past does not simply fade away; rather, it presents an opportunity for learning and growth. Use this moment to analyze how you navigated the chaos and determine how you can enhance your market position.

Digital is the way to go

Nowadays, it is widely demonstrated that the majority of individuals dedicate over 3 hours per day to using electronic devices.

Place your bets on online advertising and a strong internet presence, in order to capture both dormant and new clientele. However, keep in mind that digital presence encompasses numerous aspects of online promotion – always remember that “digital marketing is the primary force behind your business“. Additionally, it is wise to invest in certain facets of digital marketing that offer a guaranteed return on investment within the near future.


Planning the optimization of your contents results in a greater reach of the publication and if you have already defined a strategy, now is the time to implement and intensify it. Increasing organic traffic results in occupying the top spots on Google and the result = more visitors to your website and business. But if you want quick results and have an extra plafond that you can allocate to a greater range of traffic, bet on paid traffic, believe in all campaigns made from google (paid) the result is sales.

Connect your social media accounts with your website

With social media integration, you can make your e-commerce stand out from the competition. You can make the user who is on social media click on the picture and go straight to the product.

Positive results from differentiated content and products

You can build trust and credibility if you provide valuable content about what you sell. If you discuss the differences and advantages of your product, consumers will be compelled to buy it. It will make all the difference when a consumer is researching a product or service when you appeal to their emotional side, create a need, provide what they need, and explain the advantages.


Additionally, consider utilizing remarketing techniques.

Once a consumer begins researching products and services, it signifies a specific need. Therefore, if you have a budget for SEM, it is wise to also invest in this form of advertising.

Only appear in search results when a user is looking for a product that you currently have in your product catalog.

Another method is to employ this type of campaign for abandoned shopping carts. What does this mean exactly? It refers to when a consumer initiates a purchase on your website (by adding items to their cart) but does not complete the payment. Send reminder emails containing the abandoned products, highlighting the benefits they offer. Additionally, offer a discount or incentive if they decide to complete the purchase. People are generally attracted to offers, even if they are modest.

Implement these suggestions into your marketing strategy for the upcoming year, 2021. Furthermore, when promoting campaigns on social media platforms, consider targeting the audience recommended by the AI (Artificial Intelligence). The AI analyzes follower behavior and the company’s performance to effectively reach potential customers.

2021 will be a year of challenges, as we strive to achieve what was previously unattainable in 2020. Therefore, do not lose momentum and invest in enhancing your digital presence to propel your business and brand forward.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to consult one of our creative team members for a proposal. There is no cost associated with this service, allowing you to analyze the advantages of entrusting your project to experienced professionals. Get ready to handle the influx of online requests that will come your way.

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