Em tempos de incerteza, alcance bons resultados com as nossas dicas de marketing digital.

The year 2020 was a complicated year for all sectors, but in the midst of setbacks, opportunities arise for many.

Receive 2021 with positive expectations and that everything will revert in favor of your business. Be positive and bet on the right tools to turn things around.

Due to the burdens imposed by the pandemic, many businesses closed their doors, others reinvented themselves and bet on digital because, after all, consumer needs continue, what changed was the way of socializing and the way they got together to mitigate their needs.

Digital is a world that can be explored by everyone, there just needs to be someone who needs it and another who offers it. With the bet on digital, many were the businesses that prospered in 2020 and will continue to grow in 2021, but for them to continue to grow, they need to adopt strategies and measures to reach the consumer. And this article comes to present some strategies that you can apply in your business and believe me, you will have realistic results, just like the others had in 2020. We enter the new year this means that what happen in the past stays in the past? No, it’s an opportunity for learning new things! It’s the opportunity to analyze what was possible to do in the midst of chaos and what you can do to improve your position in the market.

Bet on digital

It has been proven and today more than ever that most consumers spend more than 3 hours a day on a digital device.

Bet on digital marketing and a robust online presence, so you can attract sleeping customers as well as new customers. But the digital presence entails several areas of digital marketing – put in your mind “the biggest driver of your business is digital marketing” – and some areas of digital marketing make sense to have a bet with a guarantee of return in the short medium term.


Planning the optimization of your contents results in a greater reach of the publication and if you have already defined a strategy, now is the time to implement and intensify it. Increasing organic traffic results in occupying the top spots on Google and the result = more visitors to your website and business. But if you want quick results and have an extra plafond that you can allocate to a greater range of traffic, bet on paid traffic, believe in all campaigns made from google (paid) the result is sales.

Integrate your website with your social media

Stand out from the competition by integrating your e-commerce with social media profiles. This makes the user who is present on these networks click on the photo and go straight to the product.

Differentiated content and products for positive results

Offer valuable content to build trust and credibility about what you sell. If you create content that talks about the differences of your product and its advantages, it creates the need for the consumer to purchase your product. Also communicate with your audience by appealing to their emotional side, create their need, offer what they need and explain the advantages. This will make all the difference when the consumer is in the product or service research phase.


Also bet on remarketing.

From the moment the consumer conducts research on products and services, it is because he has a need. So, if you allocate a budget for SEM, also bet for this type of campaign.

Only appear when you search for a product that you have available in your product catalogue.

Another way will also be to use this type of campaign for abandoned carts. What is this, abandoned cart? It is when the consumer starts a purchase on your website (by adding products to the cart) and does not complete the payment. Send emails remembering the products abandoned in the cart, informing you about the advantages that the product or products bring, and if you complete the purchase you will still have a discount or offer of something, people love offers even if they are small.

Apply these tips to your marketing strategy for 2021 now, and a bonus tip for you – when promoting campaigns on social media accounts, bet on the target audience that the machine suggests (artificial intelligence). Since she studies the behavior of her followers and the company’s performance, so that she can effectively reach the customer who buys.

2021 will be a year of struggle, to conquer what was not possible in 2020. So, don’t put your arms down and get to work, invest in digital presence improvements to boost your business and brand.

Doubts? Ask one of our creatives for a proposal at no associated cost so that you can analyze the advantages of allocating the service to those who understand the subject and get ready to receive the various requests that will come from online.

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