Through video or photographs on digital platforms for various topics or interests, there are numerous digital influencers available to create content to capture a digital audience. With an audience that watches and follows you (loyal to your content), it is common for brands and companies to feel attracted to partnering in order to speed up the communication of their product and come into direct contact with the final consumer.

But how do these companies and businesses choose the influencer(s) to publicize their product?

Here we will discuss some simple steps for choosing the ideal influencer without wasting money on campaigns with no return.

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1st Analyze possible influencers

Do a search for the digital network that you want to carry out the influencer campaign, after selecting some figures that present a profile that meets your brand’s objectives, it’s time to deeply analyze which one to choose and why.

2nd Objectives for the digital influence campaign

Define which objectives the influencer campaign will have. Having this planned and outlined helps in choosing the influencer and defining the content to be disseminated. Making the brand better known, increasing the audience on digital channels and converting content into sales are some examples of goals.

3rd Comprehensive analysis of your influencer

Is the published content of high quality? Relying solely on the number of followers can be a mistake. The digital influencer can have millions of followers and not generate results because the number is no guarantee of success. The secret lies in understanding the influencer’s potential with the content they publish.

The content is directly linked to the number and type of followers: if the content is of quality – there is interaction with your followers. And the way to measure this is to monitor the posts and the behavior of the audience in relation to what is posted.

In addition to the content, also analyze the frequency of posting. Influencers who publish content frequently tend to have a more loyal audience, and this returns in comments and shares among followers.

4th Audience analysis

To be assertive in the partnership with the influencer, you need to understand who your followers are (because there are influencers who buy followers).

The most published content is a main indicator for this analysis – fashion style, makeup or maternity. Choose a small sample of your followers and see which trend of profiles they follow whether or not it matches the profile of the selected influencer.

In a later phase of partnership, ask for information about the followers – gender, age, qualifications, interests, location. Also consider asking for interaction stats, shares, etc. With this information, you are better able to make the right decision, the one that will bring the best results to your Influencer Marketing strategy.

5th Digital influencers - the level of engagement with followers

Another thing to consider when choosing an influencer is to assess the level of engagement with your followers. Good content returns in interaction and the way it interacts makes all the difference. An influencer who reveals audience involvement skills has a greater ability to influence the purchase decision. And, that comes back in a campaign with visible results – more sales.

Creative Agency, Luanda, Lisboa, Desenvolvemos Websites, E-commerce, Social Media and Brand Strategy, visual identity

6th Are they the ideal influencer for your brand?

When reviewing the influencer’s content, assess whether they are someone you’d like to see related to your brand. Research any constraints that have involved your name and/or even what kind of positioning it has in relation to topics with which your brand identifies.

Also consider having an authentic influencer – someone who humanizes your Instagram and is not just concerned with publishing advertising content.

It is worth more an influencer who naturally shows the benefits of the product because he himself uses or will be able to use the product; this way, he will talk about the brand more naturally, because he is also a satisfied “customer”. In this sense, it achieves recognition and authenticity in the campaign.

Did you like the tips? Don’t forget this is just the first part of campaigns with influencers. There is also a need here to do your part in the campaign – to monitor.

By setting an initial objective for the partnership, it becomes easier to analyze the results. Follow the growth in the number of followers (both on your brand page and on the influencer’s page), requests and messages received on the days of publications.

If you have an online store, a good suggestion is to create discount coupons for the campaign. It even helps if you have multiple campaigns with multiple influencers. That way you can measure the impact that each influencer is bringing to the campaign.

Also take this opportunity to check whether your brand profile meets consumer expectations, is a well-optimized profile and offers valuable content.

Do not know where to start? Difficult to choose? Count on our team of experts in the field to assist you. Schedule your meeting with one of our creatives now.


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