Being present today on social media means bringing in more business and giving your brand greater visibility. Companies began to strategically benefit to the fullest from what digital platforms make available.

But, how to make the most of social networks focusing only on the business? The answer is simple – having a social media manager can be the solution for an organized and optimized profile achieving visible results for your brand and business.

If you prefer to start this task yourself, this article is for you. Because in it we bring some platforms that can increase productivity and optimize your time with social media management.

But, for visible results, good planning and strategy is first necessary. It is not enough just to publish, there must be a publication strategy.

After all, the intention is that with each publication you can at least make one sale. He dedicated time to creating the posts, to being creative in writing and in the end the result is just a beautiful profile.

No way, the focus is to combine social networks to give greater visibility to the brand and bring positive returns – making more sales.

With the help of platforms, you can optimize your time and collect measurable data such as who your audience is and where they are located.

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First, let's explain what it means to manage social media

Social media management is a set of actions carried out in order to optimize the use of digital platforms, increasing brand visibility and sales.

For effective actions it is necessary to comply with certain actions, such as:

  • Define a strategy;
  • Plan the posts;
  • Produce targeted content;
  • Produce videos, tips and ads;
  • Manage campaigns;
  • Monitor comments, shares, likes, messages, competitors, etc.;
  • Serve the customer;
  • Analyze the results.

That is, managing social networks goes far beyond just posting, you need to have a strategy and implement it. Really, because being present only on social media, nowadays, is no longer enough to guarantee good sales and marketing results.

With the increase in competition on social media, it is necessary to implement more assertive strategies. With the help of the right tool, managing your social networks becomes a simpler job as they generate insights from your social platforms.

Digital tools help increase productivity, reduce time spent on operational tasks, monitor these same platforms, follow up on your competitors, analyze where you can improve to achieve better results.

Below are some tools that can help you on this social journey

Ease of scheduling posts, stories and reposts on Instagram. It also makes it possible to interact with followers, monitor comments, analyze Instagram data and store hashtags.

This tool features a series of features such as scheduling posts, analyzing metrics, generating reports and replying to messages.

Indicated for teamwork, it allows you to invite other people to schedule posts, generate reports and even approve and adjust content.

One of the best known in the social media management market, making life easier for those who need to follow multiple social media simultaneously.

It offers free courses with certification, as well as tips to further improve social media monitoring.

Through Postcron you can schedule posts and automate events and publications in Facebook groups.

Preferred tool of most social media management companies.

In the free version, 10 scheduled posts are allowed in 3 digital channels Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest, etc.

Buffer also offers its own app for iOS and Android, which allows you to schedule publications directly from your mobile phone. In addition, in the app it is possible to view which publications have the best interactions of the day. It’s a great feature to know what your audience likes.

Have you come this far and still have doubts about which is the best social media management tool?

Count on UNMA to help you manage your social networks with an effective strategy, measuring your performance and presenting opportunities for improvement.

Brands that think they just need to sell, and there’s no purpose on having an organized and beautiful feed based on a strategy, are mistaken. Social media is your digital store, look at it and see if that’s what you’d like to see when you enter there. Are your social media accounts aligned with physical communication? In the same way that your store presents itself in physical terms, how does it present itself digitally?

So, rethink the strategy. If you don’t know where to start, know that UNMA has a team of social media creatives to help you. Talk to us.


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