In today’s connected world, it is imperative not to ignore the power of Digital Marketing to achieve success.

The internet and digital channels are already part of our lives, and Digital Marketing strategies have become essential to boost their growth.

Thinking of strategies to boost your business can be difficult. Therefore, it is necessary to think about size, budget and several other issues before investing in any brand promotion.

To reach your audience, you need to innovate! Thus, the more people your business reaches, the greater the sales possibilities!

We leave you the 10 Digital Marketing strategies you should invest in to achieve the success you want.

1. Inbound Marketing

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This strategy is attraction through content specific to the customer niche. In Inbound Marketing, the idea is to attract customers or leads by creating a community around your brand. This attraction should be with rich content that mitigates the needs of customers, the result is sales.

2. Content Marketing

The methodology that provides for the creation of relevant content for the target audience of your business. This content can be made in various formats such as a blog, e-books, sharing tips on social networks, videos. This helps build relationships of trust and credibility in the market. The most important thing is to be able to convey value.

Now you ask yourself, isn’t inbound marketing the same as content marketing? No. While content marketing is about offering valuable content to potential customers, inbound marketing proposes more than attraction. It turns potential customers (leads) into customers. However, both concepts are closely linked, as it is not possible to generate good leads without good content

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3. Social Media

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Social media is one of the best relationship and sales channels, being present on it means bringing more business and giving your brand greater visibility.

But it is not enough just to publish, you must define a strategy first. For this, there are tools that can help both measure metrics and implement your social media strategy in the best way.

4. SEO

For your website to be well positioned in search engines one of the ways is SEO. It’s just about working your website so that it can position itself with other competitors on the first pages when searching for something your business sells or a service it offers.

SEO is an organic model, without much investment and that attracts customers to your business, in addition to creating online visibility for your brand. Wonder how? Simple, when you need something do you ask friends for information or do a search for the product or service? And where do you do this research? Well, there it is, if your business (website) appears in the first search results, you will soon be able to capture that lead that searches for what you offer.

So, it’s crucial to be present among the first search results.

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5. Advertising

Online ads are a good strategy for those who want quick results. But what does it consist of? Create well-targeted ads so they can only appear to your target customer.

We can start by boosting content that has already been worked organically on your website or social media. Thus, it becomes easier to measure the results. Why? Because if you had results without an ad, imagine with an ad. So, it really delivers the content that is sought after.

To create your ads, you can do it on several platforms, such as Google Ads or Meta Ads, the latter even includes WhatsApp Ads.

For more specific audiences and with different targeting, you can use LinkedIn Ads.

6. Remarketing ou Retarging

It’s the strategy of showing content that triggers the action of someone who has already interacted with your company or brand before. Even when a business sells well over the internet, the conversion rate rarely exceeds 3%. When remarketing or retargeting is applied, conversions can increase significantly. This happens because consumers tend to trust brands with which they have had a relationship in the past.

What is the difference between each of the typologies? Remarketing is applied to the search engines usually used by Google, while retargeting is for social networks. Yes, it is also possible to apply.

7. E-mail Marketing

Email Marketing, Agência de Marketing Digital e Publicidade

We all get emails, and it’s currently viewable on multiple devices. And, using this strategy to promote your business is an asset.

In the case of using a more personal space, the chances of having a return are greater.

You can opt for email flows that include discounts, periodic messages, exclusive invitations, etc. But be careful! If your company sends too many offers without personality these emails will be marked as spam.

Each message needs to be unique, you can even customize each email in order to work on the emotions of those who receive it.

8. Influencer Marketing

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Let’s explain this concept more quickly, with a question: how many thousands did Rihanna earn in the Super Bowl halftime? Online sales increased by 390%.

Now say, but it’s Rihanna. Yes, you’re right. She is an internationally known star. But she needed to work even more on her brands, to further increase her empire. So, if big brands do it, why not take advantage of this opportunity for your business?

This strategy is linked to promoting a product or service through a person or brand with the power to influence people within your ideal audience.

Let’s go back to Rihanna’s example, she has already conquered a large audience worldwide, so everything she wears influences the purchase decision – If Rihanna wears it, it’s because it’s good! Simple. Then combine your brand with influencers with this power over the community they are part of.

9. Artificial Intelligence

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Much has been said about AI, and a lot of sectors are adopting the benefits of this new technology.

They are tools that increase the productivity of any business. Through it, it’s possible to automate processes, use Chatbots (robots that respond to messages) to sell and serve customers and analyze data at high speed.

10. Create a corporate blog

Even with so much technological advancement and digital transformation, having a blog adds value to your business and brand. Because with it you can present to your audience that you are an expert in the matter. Through the blog you can address various topics related (or not) with your brand. This allows indirect communication on a daily basis with thousands of people who use Google.

If you already work with these tips or at least some, congratulations! Your brand probably already stands out from its competitors.

Even so, it is necessary to take advantage of all the power that digital marketing offers with the use of a good strategy, otherwise you will be left behind in your niche. Don’t give customers to the competition.

At UNMA we are specialists in various aspects of marketing, which is why we are a 360º agency and we can help your brand with its digital mission and much more.

If you want your brand to stand out online and get results, request a free digital marketing diagnostic of your brand and find out where to start.

Together we will grow your brand!


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