Instagram is known primarily for engagement. People like to interact with brands and other people. And the main focus of Instagram is engagement, which is more important on this platform than on others, without which this digital platform would not exist.

With that, we can say that although you can sell on Instagram, this platform is more beneficial at the top of the sales funnel. But what exactly does engagement mean and how can we measure it?

That’s what this article is about – What is engagement on Instagram? Why is engagement important? And how to measure engagement?

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What is Engagement?

Engagement is a marketing concept that indicates the degree of participation and close relationship between a brand and its consumer.

Essentially, engagement is the reaction and engagement that the follower has with the post.

And, how is engagement applied on Instagram? It goes through the reaction of followers/customers who interact with the brand, with the number of comments they make in relation to the publication of a certain profile. This demonstrates engagement on the part of consumers.

You must have already noticed accounts with thousands of followers and when you enter a post there are no comments or even likes, this is the opposite of engagement.

Having followers is not the same as having engagement, the number of followers only makes the account have a good reach, in terms of engagement it is null.

And, why is it important to have engagement on Instagram?

Currently, most people spend hours and hours on social media, and this is where brands can sell, offer their product to thousands of people without having to go to a physical space.

And, this is where engagement comes in. In order for the platform to consider the content that was posted as good, there needs to be interaction on the part of those who follow the account – after all, if it is followed, it is because it shows some interest. But this only applies to true and non-bought followers because buying followers might not be as beneficial for the brand page. That’s why the article pays off to buy followers on Instagram presents the benefits and disadvantages of buying followers.

But the question remains why is engagement important for Instagram? Well, these platforms profit from the maximum hours given by users and companies to buy ads to publicize their product. It is advantageous for them that the posted content generates interaction and a reaction, so that the follower remains in it and it can show the ads that brands pay for it to show. So, which is more advantageous for Instagram – showing posts that didn’t get a reaction or ones that got a lot of reactions? That’s right. Instagram shows more frequently the content with the most engagement in order to retain the follower on the platform.

In short, if your account doesn’t have engagement, no one sees your content, so it’s very likely that you won’t get sales on this platform and it’s no use having followers without engagement.

There are many practices that further harm your progress on Instagram accounts.

Here are some of them:

  • Buy followers;
  • Have automation platforms – Those platforms that allow you to follow and unfollow other accounts;
  • Bad content – Says the old premise “Content is king” in digital.
  • Overposting – make many posts at the same time.
  • Time to post – analyze the best time to post;
Creative Agency, Luanda, Lisboa, Desenvolvemos Websites, E-commerce, Social Media and Brand Strategy, visual identity

As there are also numerous practices that make users engage on Instagram

  • Stimulate interactions – Questions, make your follower comment on your post;
  • Make posts with current and trending themes;
  • Use hashtags to increase reach;
  • Do lives;
  • Teach, educate your audience with content that will alleviate their pain – valuable content generates reactions, discover content strategies to generate notoriety;
  • Make posts with your daily routine;
  • Optimize bio;
  • Make reposts;
  • Take tests, polls and questionnaires;

Did you see how you can create engagement on your Instagram? If you need help creating engagement on Instagram, talk to our creative team to present you with the best solution for your social page.


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