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Don’t Be the Best, Be Your Audience’s Favorite

In the competitive and lively business environment, many brands put in all their efforts to achieve the status of being the “best”. It is a legitimate aspiration and a source of motivation for many businesses to pursue excellence, innovation, and leadership. However, there is an alternative approach that deserves to be highlighted – the quest to be the audience’s preferred brand. This approach goes beyond winning awards or recognition, focusing on building connections and representations with consumers. In this article, we explore why being the audience’s favorite brand is, in fact, more valuable than simply being considered the best in the industry.

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Estratégia de Marketing Vs Plano de Marketing
Marketing Strategy Vs Marketing Plan

Every brand wants to grow in its market, so the marketing team must always be up to date and present. It is fundamental to be ready to create good strategies that will help in the growth of the business. It was to help overcome this challenge that we created this article that will serve as a guide for the elaboration of a solid marketing strategy.

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Em tempos de incerteza, alcance bons resultados com as nossas dicas de marketing digital.
In times of uncertainty, achieve good results with our digital marketing tips

Achieving good results in 2021 for your company can be challenging. But with our tips you can foster positive relationships with your target audience, sell and retain more customers.

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2020 – O ano que transformou a maioria dos negócios. Dicas a considerar antes de ter um website
2020 – The year that transformed most businesses. Tips to consider before having a website

O ano 2020 foi um ano marcando pela pandemia Covid-19, pelo que a maioria dos negócios tiveram que se adaptar a uma nova realidade. Mas, não basta ter um website, estar no digital vai além disso. Confira neste artigo as dicas a considerar antes de ter um website

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Estratégia de conteúdo para ganhar notoriedade
Content strategy to gain awareness

The content strategy is focused on finding a solution to the problems of the persona you have defined for your business, enabling your potential client to receive relevant information exactly when they need it.
Unlike traditional marketing, which interferes with the customer experience, content marketing is objective, attracting more consumers organically.

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Seasonal Marketing: How to Sell in Special Seasons

Outlining a sales strategy for special dates of the year we call it seasonal marketing. But for it to work, the strategy must be well defined. Keep in mind that getting the most out of these dates is what every business wants. Well, these are times when everyone wants to buy and all brands and businesses want to grow. Learn how you can outline a differentiating strategy.

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